Benjoy Full Coverage

1. What is Benjoy Full Coverage?

 It is a service of assistance and civil responsibility that purchases  in each reservation of bicycle, by only 4 euros/day/person

 It includes:

o    Assistance in trip

o    Theft or subtraction

o    Harms to third

o    Injuries

2.- In case of theft, have to pay something?

 If the bicycle is closed, the sure covers you in case of theft, with a previous complaint in police and a photo of the bike “closed”. In contrary case will have to credit 650 €. 

It recommends  do him photo when we leave it with padlock, to show it to the sure.

3.- I am ensured in case of accident?

 Yes, in case of accident are ensured, even with a third. 

4.- It is necessary a sure of bicycle?

 The paths by which discurre a bicycle often are far places of cores of population, by what an assistance in trip will be to appreciate in case of grave failure. 

Likewise, although it was little likely can give  the circumstance to cause an accident by what is necessary to have covered the civil responsibility.