Frequent questions


1. Which types of bicycles are in hire?

Usually we rent bicycles of MTB of the mark Orbea, that are comfortable, polyvalent and resistant. Also we have of other options like electrical bikes and gravel, but of limited availability and low request.

2. It will hold all the trip?

Although the route put to proof so much the material as to the people, our squads and material are suitable to the endeavour.

We have chosen a type of polyvalent bicycles that are comfortable and versatile, able to hold the avatars of any route,so many times require . From Benjoy Land, guarantee that thanks to our material will not have problem to arrive to the fate.

3. What spends if it damages me  the bike?

Thanks to the Benjoy Full Coverage that you can hire by only 4 euros/person/day, will be entirely calm.

Only you will have to call to the 0034 919038278 and will be assisted, to solve incidences in route.

4. The bicycles come with portabultos?

Yes, our bikes bring of series the portabultos so that you can put them the alforjas. It looks us essential in a route cicloturista.

You can decide if you want to spend Alforjas or no, in our Module for hire of bicycles.

5. How it is the sending of the bicycles?

During the part of reservation specify us where want to that we hand the bicycle to the start of the trip.

It will arrive you there a day before your party. The bicycle will come embalada in a box. The only that you will have to do is to put him the leading wheel, the pedals and refuse the box.

Beside the bicycle attaches  informative card with telephones of contact and interest. Besides, will have a small gift for depositing your confidence in us.

6. Conservation of the bicycle. It is necessary?

As any another vehicle, the bicycle has a minimum maintenance.

For a suitable conservation advise to clean it each day with water and a bit of neutral soap. Later it has to  make the dried to avert humidity and a small grease. Also revise that so many brakes like change work correctly.

7. It is necessary to put the padlock to the bicycle?

Yes, as long as it leave  the bike without custody. It is necessary and imperative for the sure in case of theft. In fact in case of theft, the company of insurances will ask us a photo of the bike, “closed”.

With what recommend you do a photo, when “you close” the bike, not to have “incidences” in case of theft.


1. How many km can do each day?

It will depend your state of form, but basically exists a standard of 50 or 60 km according to the stage.

2. In case of Path of Santiago, can sleep  in the hostels of the Path with the bicycle?

Usually yes. The only problem is that in case to be full, always have preference the caminantes by an obvious question of scrolling.

3. Where I leave the bicycle when finalising my route?

In the process of reservation of the hire, will be able to indicate the direction of delivery.

In case that your route finalise in Santiago de Compostela, the bicycle will deposit  in: Hostel Santiago KM0, Rúa give Carts, 11, 15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, for your comfort.

4. In case of the Path of Santiago (French) How many stages are in bike from Roncesvalles?

Like average calculates some 13 stages if you do not have any hang-up in the trip, that is to say, 13 days.

5. If I can not finish in bike, has  of some alternative to arrive to the fate?

In this case, you can put you in contact with the number 0034 919038278 and will look for a solution that allow you arrive to the full stop.

6. There is service of accompanying Guide or local Guide?

Of course. We put to your disposal said service because we think that enriches a lot of, any route that decide to do.

Very recommended in the case of Groups of people, with win to know the best places and “corners hid” of each route.



1. They move me my luggage from point initiate until the full stop?

Yes. With our logistical provider, is possible the transfer of your luggage from the initial point to the full stop, by a price adjusted.

When making the reservation of said service, would command you two labels of our provider of transport, to paste on your luggage.

Will be able to collect it in the same direction that hand the bike.

2. Can command me of return my own bicycle when ending up the Path?

Yes, it is a service that offer although you do not hire the hire with us. Send us an email and will advise you in this regard.



1. Only for Spain. In what consists?

This NEW Module of Benjoy Land, goes you to allow WIN TIME And COMFORT, to the hour to organise any event that want to do with friends, mates, family, etc.

        Only raisins to our platform of Events, register you and fill the form. By only 3,35+iva commission us of the Management of Research and Reservation of the Event requested (Leakage rooms,Paintball,Yellow Humour,Birthday,Farewells, Dinners/eaten/appetizers of mates of work,or any another event that occur you .)

It spends us to all…among one and another, at the end go always running and evening. Forget you of this situation, having we for this.

2. I devote me to Events to professional level, can speak with Benjoy Land?

OF COURSE! We were expecting You.

If you devote you to professional level to Events (are clown, magician,cuentacuentos,monologuista, etc) or have a company where develop  events (rooms escape rooms, paintball,restaurants,rooms of birthday,etc), only have to send us a post to and will put us in contact with you.


The sure: Benjoy Full Coverage


1. What is Benjoy Full Coverage?

It is a service of assistance and civil responsibility that purchases  in each reservation of bicycle, by only 4 euros/day/person

It includes:

·         Assistance in trip

·         Theft or subtraction

·         Harms to third

·         Injuries

2. In case of theft, have to pay something?

If the bicycle is closed, the sure covers you in case of theft, with a previous complaint in police and a photo of the bike “closed”. In contrary case will have to credit 650 €.

It recommends  do him photo when we leave it with padlock, to show it to the sure.

3. I am ensured in case of accident?

Yes, in case of accident are ensured, even with a third.

4. It is necessary a sure of bicycle?

The paths by which discurre a bicycle often are far places of cores of population, by what an assistance in trip will be to appreciate in case of grave failure.

Likewise, although it was little likely can give  the circumstance to cause an accident by what is necessary to have covered the civil responsibility.