You will be wondering who is behind this bicycle rental company and organizer of leisure activities. Well behind Benjoy Land we are a team of entrepreneurial professionals, coming from different sectors, who have come together to create this project.

In our DNA is to think that work and fun are not incompatible, that is why we have launched into this adventure, creating a company focused on entertaining, creating experiences and making memorable moments happen to our clients.

We believe in people and their ability to enjoy the present, just as we do.

BENJOY LAND seeks to break with the daily monotony of its customers, either through physical activities (such as cycling routes) or the creation and search of social or sporting events with which to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues.

Our goal is to channel our PASSION, our JOY and our RESPONSIBILITY and direct it to you so that you can enjoy unique moments and experiences thanks to BenJoy Land.

Be part of the Benjoyers club. Enjoy without worries the Camino de Santiago by Bike, discover on our website the activities we have scheduled each month.

And if you do not find the experience you are looking for, do not worry, call us, tell us what you are looking for and we will manage and organize it for you.

The goal of our company is to enjoy your free time with the people you want and forget for a moment about the problems.

By the way! Before we forget, you can join our Community on Facebook or Instagram and share your experiences with the rest of BENJOYERS and benefit from raffles, gifts and exclusive promotions.